Introducing Carpe, a new financial services platform

There’s a lot of activity in the online financial services sector these days, bringing new levels of efficiency and transparency to consumers. This week we were excited to launch Carpe, a brand-new digital platform that we’ve been working on for the past several months.

Carpe’s founder, Josh Seegopaul, spent over a decade as an investor and advisor in the financial services sector, and along the way he became keenly aware of the lack of independent expert guidance for middle-income consumers searching for basic solutions such as personal loans, student loan refinance or credit repair.

So he engaged with Tivix to build Carpe as an “online personal finance concierge”, bringing certainty, simplicity and transparency to consumers looking for personalized financial solutions.  The new platform, live at, is beginning the process of having individual digital conversations with customers — learning about their profiles first, and then providing guidance on next steps just as a human expert planner or advisor would.  And all of this is contained within a friendly, trustworthy and conversational user experience.

It’s a unique and powerful offering, and we are very proud of the technology we have built under the hood, representing Josh’s vision to build a holistic personal finance concierge service for the American middle class. Congrats to Tivix team members Mia Ferguson and Eric Todd, who have been immersed in this project for several months. They did an awesome job. 

The financial services sector is really alive with innovation right now, and Tivix has recently developed platforms for other innovative entrants, including Marlette FundingCrowdstreetSolar City Bonds, and others.

We’re proud to add Carpe to our portfolio of digital products designed to bring innovation, transparency, and efficiency to the financial services sector.

Introducing Carpe, a new financial services platform

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