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We specialize in developing enterprise-grade REST APIs. Using REST APIs you’ll be able to connect applications across your business and analyze data in a way that will revolutionize your decision-making processes.

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With the right custom API interfaces in place, you can eliminate silos and completely transform your business model with a data-driven, real-time strategy. Information flows across your business better, leading to faster decision-making, more accurate forecasting and the ability to jump onto opportunities faster.

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What is API development?

Think of APIs as a door into your software applications, where data can be exchanged to enhance and integrate with other workflows. At Tivix, we use the Django REST framework for Python API development to give us two major advantages:

Working with REST APIs

REST APIs offer a number of benefits:

  • Flexibility: data works across many types of calls and data formats.
  • Scalability: easy to scale, thanks to separation between client and server.
  • Lightweight: REST APIs are a fast, lightweight tool perfect for both traditional and mobile/IoT development.
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Our developers love the Django REST Framework because it provides:

  • A modular approach to building APIs, speeding up the process.
  • Free, open source access that allows us to build quicker and at a lower cost.
  • Inbuilt protection from joint SQL injection and cross-site request forgery attacks for increased API security.
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API Case Study –
United Nations Partner Portal

The United Nations Partner Portal (UNPP) is a web application built for a group of UN agencies to simplify their business processes and streamline collaboration with Civil Society Organizations.

Case Studies
UNPP Desktop

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We take the time to map out your requirements in detail and won’t rest until we’ve hit them. We guarantee:

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A decade of experience

We’ve worked with a varied number clients - and produced great results, every time.

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Scale when it suits you

We also offer frontend, backend, mobile, and UX/product design.

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Top talent at low cost

Hiring top API developers can be expensive. Outsourcing can reduces these costs.

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Expertise, instantly

We tap into our network of global developers to get you the talent you need, instantly.

Don’t just take our word for it

We help leading brands worldwide drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development,design thinking and agile devops.

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, but Tivix stands out beacuse the really understand business and can collaborate with us - even challange us - to build better strategy and product.

Director of Digital Innovation, Zoetis

We were looking for a vendor that had both experience and the insight into technology innovation. Tivix are a great partner and they’ll become part of your team.

Chief Digital Officer, The Macerich Company

We had low capacity so we hired Tivix to support us. I always felt Tivix was part of our team. They were really interested in the product and determined to provide value.

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Unlock the power of real-time insights

A common problem for businesses is that they collect all the right data, but barriers between different applications stop them getting the maximum insight from this data. Reporting is slow, and focuses on single data sets, particularly when using outdated legacy systems.

To get the most from your data, it needs to be able to flow across and into different business applications seamlessly via APIs.

We offer RESTful API development services for both out-of-the-box and custom-built software. These are lightweight, adaptable gateways between applications that integrate data sources in real time.

Make better decisions with accurate forecasting

The more data you can use to draw up your forecasts, the more accurate they will be. APIs are your cornerstones for facilitating this. You will need other systems to achieve this, but you can’t get there without reliable API structures in place.

Our custom APIs are the key to bringing data from across your business together to transform how you make decisions. The forecasts enabled by custom APIs crunch much more data than we can work with (or even conceive of!) ourselves, to identify trends and predictions impossible to access with manual forecasting.

Where once you had to make assumptions, you can take a completely data-driven approach to key decisions and strategy making, taking advantage of opportunities you (and your competitors) might otherwise miss. Our custom REST APIs are the first step to implementing this approach across your organization and getting ahead of the pack.

Extend your existing applications with open APIs

If you’re building a platform that you intend for others outside of your organization to use, open APIs are a major tool in attracting both new partners and new customers.

Adding an reliable open API to your product instantly makes it more attractive to data-conscious customers who prioritize integration. An open API on your product helps your customers thrive.

An open API also makes your product attractive to external partners, who can use it to build out-of-the-box integrations for their own customers. This opens up an entirely new set of possibilities – in terms of functionality, business model and potential user base.

Build for the future

The issue with many standard APIs is that they work in the short term, but aren’t scalable in the long term. This is a real problem if your organization wants to grow, and can hold you back significantly if not addressed.

At Tivix, our custom REST API development best practices set you up for long-term success in two main ways.

  1. We build RESTful APIs – the most flexible and scalable type of API there is. Our APIs work in the present, but will grow with you as you expand and your requirements shift.
  2. As part of our API service, we take full stock of your business case and long-term plans. We build APIs to be compatible with product roadmaps, future feature requirements and overall strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is API development?

API development is the process of building APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow applications to integrate with each other, share data and increase connectivity across your organization.

Whilst some applications come with their own APIs, these aren’t always enough to create the integrations you want, scale effectively or offer the flexibility you need to get the most out of your data. Custom API development – particularly REST API development – creates stable, lasting APIs that can transform how your business can use data.

What does an API developer do?

An API developer uses code to build custom APIs and integrations. This could be by building a custom API from the ground up, or it could be by adding customization to an existing API your applications already use.

API developers use a variety of backend programming languages to create APIs, including Ruby, PHP, Perl and JavaScript via Node.js. Our development team uses the Python-based Django Rest Framework for its speed, low cost and inbuilt security features.

How to hire an API developer?

If you’re looking for an in-house API developer, you can hire a full-time employee just as you would for any other position. Bear in mind, however, that API developers are in demand – you’ll need to pay a lot for top talent, and you might have to invest significant amounts of time in your search.

An alternative way to hire top-end API developers is by outsourcing to a software development agency. This gets you immediate access to experienced professionals without lengthy hiring processes or long-term expenses.

What is the purpose of an API?

An API acts as a door through which an application can connect and share data with other applications. This increases connectivity across your business and has significant long-term strategic benefits.

Well-designed, flexible and scalable APIs are the key to unlocking the power of the data your business holds. When applications across your business integrate and exchange data, you gain access to powerful real-time analytics and valuable forecasting insights that aren’t possible without.


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