React development

React is a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Developed by Facebook and released in 2013, it’s become incredibly popular with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike.

We like it because it’s open-source, fast, search engine friendly and offers reusable components. These benefits allow us to build better products at greater speed for our clients.

The React Framework

Reusable components allow our developers to reuse UI elements across various web pages. The advantage of this is that time can be saved, and common elements make for a coherent user experience.

It also frees up valuable dev time to focus on mission-critical aspects such as application architecture and business logic. React is also fairly easy to debug, as one-way bindings make data flows easier to understand and spot issues.

The use of a Virtual DOM negates the need to use other JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, which enable web pages to render faster. This is good news for SEO, as reduced page load time is a direct SEO signal for Google and other search engines.

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Why use React over Angular?

We recommend either React or Angular on most client projects that require frontend work. We’ve built React-powered frontends for a variety of industries such as financial services, healthcare and non-profit organizations.

React is a more lightweight library (Angular is a full-on framework). It’s easy to start with and low-commitment as you can replace existing components with React piece by piece. The reusable components and readable syntax require also make it easy to hand-off to new teams or new hires.

Angular is a better choice if your application requires complex workflows, we use it on several projects where we need to handle lots of complex business logic.

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React Native

React Native allows existing React code to power native mobile apps on iOS and Android, using the same building blocks. It can offer a real competitive advantage for clients, as they can not only launch quickly, but have less code to maintain.

By using elements of the same codebase for mobile and web applications we can significantly reduce the hours needed to ship mobile apps to both platforms.

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