Fast, powerful and adaptable, React is a frontend Javascript framework for UI development. Our experts use it to create slick, attractive interfaces for mobile apps or web pages.

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React Development
Help Users Fall in Love with Your Frontend

Users interact with your app or product’s frontend every day. If you want to retain your users as long-term customers, your publicly visible interface needs to be slick, well-designed and intuitive. React helps our developers achieve this for you, at a fraction of the time it takes to code from scratch – whilst reducing costs at the same time.

React development - the framework for your frontend

What is React?

Originally created by Facebook, React is an open source development tool for frontend development with JavaScript. It allows developers to build web pages and mobile apps using a library of prebuilt components.

Prebuilt components

  • Developers save time and resources
  • Easier to maintain code once created
  • Launch web pages and mobile apps quicker
  • Spend less time managing code once live
React Development

React Native: Supercharged development

  • React works alongside React Native
  • Reducing coding and speeding up development
  • Meaning you save on hiring separate iOS and Android developers
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React Case Study
Dove Med

DoveMed is a cutting-edge technology app at the heart of health accessibility. DoveMed provides reliable healthcare information to people across the United States.

Case Studies
Dove Med case study: React Development

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We only hire the best and our expert team of React developers can get started at any point. We guarantee:

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Expertise, instantly

We have a global team of top React developers that can hit the ground running with your project.



You might need extra hands to expand the capabilities of your current tech team.

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Adapt and expand

We offer a range of associated services. Add additional specialists as and when your project needs it.

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Reduced costs

By outsourcing you save on the costs of hiring and maintaining a permanent development team.

We’re React Experts

We’ve been fully immersed in React since early on in its lifetime, with major projects under our belts for leading animal health companies, major real estate investment trusts, fintechs, B2B SaaS startups and many more.


React Expertise

We offer informed, real-world expertise. Unlike hiring generalist js developers, you’ll get access to specialist React developers instantly.


Scale to suit you

Whether you simply need React engineers or a more extended project team, we can work around your requirements.

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Build with speed

React is an ideal tool for those needing to build quickly. It's efficient to code, open-source, fast, search engine friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is React?

React is a frontend development framework based on the JavaScript programming language. First developed by Facebook in 2013, React offers a number of prebuilt components that reduce the amount of coding needed to build your user interface, thus speeding up development time significantly.

What is the main use of React js?

As a frontend development framework, React.js is mainly used to create high-performing user interfaces for web pages and mobile apps alike. Developers use React instead of coding from scratch using raw JavaScript or a different frontend development framework.

Should I use React for my project?

Each project is different, but there are several benefits for using React to build the frontend of your app. These include:

  • Speed: React has an established and extensive library of prebuilt components that developers can use instead of coding from scratch.
  • Performance: React’s virtual DOM removes the need for other JavaScript frameworks like JQuery, so web pages render faster. Reduced page load time is an essential pillar of good SEO, so
  • React is a fantastic tool for helping website visibility.
    Reliability: React is a well-established framework with an extensive library and an active community of developers that use it.

These features make React a useful tool in a range of instances, including in constructing dashboards and visualisation tools, social networking apps, e-commerce and retail platforms – but there are many more use cases besides.

Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of how we’ve used React in the past.

How do I find a React js developer?

You could look for a developer or software engineer with direct experience in using React. Alternatively, you could look for IT professionals with experience in JavaScript and give them time to learn the framework. The disadvantage of this approach is the cost. Developers are in demand at the moment, so this makes them time consuming and expensive to hire.

At Tivix, we give you access to experienced React developers instantly. If you want to outsource, we offer a wealth of experience using React directly (rather than pure JavaScript or an alternative framework), for a range of projects.

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We help leading brands worldwide drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development, design thinking and agile devops.

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Director of Digital Innovation, Zoetis

We were looking for a vendor that had both experience and the insight into technology innovation. Tivix are a great partner and they’ll become part of your team.

Chief Digital Officer, The Macerich Company

We had low capacity so we hired Tivix to support us. I always felt Tivix was part of our team. They were really interested in the product and determined to provide value.

Senior Product Manager, Beamery

Build fast with React.js’ reusable components

The React framework is a strong choice for frontend development because of the speed it offers. This is because it replaces the need for raw code with an extensive, established library of prebuilt components.

Our developers can reuse UI elements across your project without having to code anything from scratch. We use React to build faster, reduce human error and create cohesive user experiences that stand head and shoulders above your competitors’.

As a result, your app can start making an impact much more quickly. Meanwhile, our developers can spend more time on mission-critical aspects of the build such as application architecture and business logic.

React’s component-based structure also makes it easier to debug, and to hand over to new hires or teams for maintenance.

Boost your site’s search performance

The React framework comes with a virtual DOM. This means that when you code with React, you don’t need to use any other frontend JavaScript framework, such as jQuery, for HTML/DOM manipulation.

This speeds things up even further with regard to development time because we write even less JavaScript. This is just one of the many ways that React reduces the time needed to complete your project.

Crucially, not running JQuery allows your pages to render faster. If you’re building a website, this has huge implications for the visibility of your site on search rankings. Google’s algorithms monitor load time as a major decider for how a page ranks.

The faster your page can render, the easier it will be to get onto that coveted first page of search results. Our React expertise won’t be the only facet of your technical SEO strategy – but it certainly lays the groundwork for success in the area.

Flexible architecture that suits your build

React’s abstraction layer does not dictate any architectural patterns for your build. Whereas other frameworks often force you into using certain templates, React leaves it up to the developer to decide.

With React, we can map your requirements onto the right architectural pattern at the start of the project. We can then use our expertise to build your project in the way that best suits your needs, with a significant impact on the performance and security of your app or web page.

It also results in a faster build because we don’t have to wrap functionalities around a pre-prescribed architecture that may not be ideal.

React vs Angular: which one works best for your project?

Angular is another popular frontend development framework, but differs to React in that it was originally developed by Google and is based on TypeScript rather than JavaScript. Choosing the one that’s right for your circumstances maximizes your project’s chances of success.

React is more lightweight than Angular (as React is a library rather than a full on framework). This means it requires less of an initial commitment than Angular, because you can gradually replace existing parts of your code piece by piece. On the other hand, Angular works better with complex workflows and business logic.

As experts in both, we can help you decide whether Angular or React would be a better fit for you. We offer years of experience in both frameworks – we know how each would work for different projects and can advise you accordingly.

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