Best Egg

Consumer Lending Platform

Under the brand name “Best Egg”, Marlette Funding has revolutionized the marketplace lending industry, offering personal loans direct to individuals, cutting retail banks out of the equation.

Year: 2015 - Present

Marlette Funding engaged with Tivix to help build a revolutionary new platform for consumer financial services. Branded Best Egg, the platform launched in 2014 and went from launch to $450 million in just ten months, outpacing the early traction of other players in the space such as Lending Club and Prosper. As of 2019, Best Egg has transacted over $8 billion in personal loans.


Seconds for qualified applicants to see loan offers


Trustpilot rating out of 10 based on customer reviews


Billion dollars of loans transacted on platform

“I have been very impressed by Tivix’s ability to adjust and execute quickly. It’s shocking, really.”

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Kyle Leach

Senior Director of Software Development

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