Disaster Recovery and Cloud Migration

CloudVelox dramatically improves the efficiency of managing cloud computing technology platforms.

CloudVelox browser window
CloudVelox servers


CloudVelox browser window

CloudVelox raised a $5M Series A from Mayfield Ventures in 2012 and immediately engaged with Tivix.

As soon as initial funding was established, the founders engaged Tivix to develop the front-end web UI of the application while the internal engineering team concentrated on the back-end.

Working collaboratively, we developed the sophisticated user interface that drives CloudVelocity’s unique and powerful proprietary technology.

Following that $5M Series A to build their initial, they have raised two more rounds (total of $33M), and were eventually acquired by VMWare in 2018.

“We needed an engineering partner that not only had deep understanding of web technologies but also could work well under the changing requirements of a venture-funded startup. We engaged with Tivix several months before our official launch, and they've been solid members of our development team.”

Rajeev Chawla

Founder & CEO, CloudVelox

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