Data Engineering

Data is the lifeblood of any growing organization. Our data engineers transform huge data sets and build custom data pipelines that can optimize performance, reduce inefficiencies, accurately forecast and get ahead of market trends.

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Data engineering

We can unlock the power of your data. Our team of data engineers transform huge raw data sets into information your business can act on.

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What is data engineering?

Data engineering is the process of designing, developing and gaining value from your business’s data. Often, data engineering is seen specifically as building pipelines that transform raw data into insights for business analysts and data scientists.

Find the right data engineer

The first step is to establish what sort of data consultancy your team needs. The term data engineering may also include:

  • Data modeling and database design
  • Data warehouse construction and maintenance
  • Data integration and migration
  • Data lake construction
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Use data to increase company revenue

When applied effectively, data analysis can have a huge effect on business revenue.

  • Improve customer insight
  • Forecast market trends
  • Predict upturn in demand
  • Identify process inefficiencies


Why Tivix?

We provide a range of data engineering expertise. We offer:


Python specalists

We code brilliantly with Python and will choose the right data and machine learning-focused libraries for your project.

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ETL experts

We build customized ETL tools that allow us to take data from a range of different sources and turn it into functional data for analysis.

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Reduced costs

By outsourcing to us, you save significant amounts of money on finding, hiring and maintaining a full-time data engineering team.

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Devs on demand

Our global network of consultants and engineers can start work on your project immediately, removing the time delays caused by in-house hires.

Data Engineering Case Study

Tivix developed data platform to track disease-driven biomarkers and learn crucial information about the healthcare of individuals.

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Don’t just take our word for it

We help leading brands worldwide drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development, design thinking and agile devops.

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, but Tivix stands out because they really understand business and collaborate with us - even challenge us - to build better strategy and products.

Director of Digital Innovation, Zoetis

We were looking for a vendor that had both the experience and the insight into technology innovation. Tivix are a great partner and they’ll become part of your team.

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We had low capacity so we hired Tivix to support us. I always felt Tivix was part of our team. They were really interested in the product and determined to provide value.

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A single source of truth

Often, organizations can’t work effectively with data because it is ‘siloed’. This means that it sits in different systems and prevents it being used for analytic purposes.

A well-designed data warehouse eliminates this problem by providing a single repository for all data. We build data warehouses that transform vast and varied datasets into actionable information, helping you access the data you need quickly and efficiently.

As well as combining different datasets for more advanced and in-depth analytics, our data warehouse consulting services also build a ‘single source of truth’ for your data. A data warehouse offers a centralized reference point that eliminates the risk of data corruption as you transfer it across your organization.

Data storage that works for you

Data warehouses aren’t for everyone. If your organization would be better off with a data lake – a huge repository for both structured and unstructured data – our consultants can assist with planning, construction and maintenance.

If a data lake is right for you, we’ll work with you to set up appropriate data governance and data quality measures. These keep your data lake functioning well, and avoid it turning into an unhelpful data swamp .

Security first

Solid data security processes are absolutely crucial for fighting against cybercrime.

For us, security is an absolute priority – whether we’re designing databases, building data pipelines, consulting on long-term strategy or creating data warehouses.

All of the databases we develop are fully encrypted, patch-updated, and subject to regular security audits to spot vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

The right tools for the job

We use a range of technologies to help us provide the most effective data engineering services.

Our consultants, engineers and developers are experts in a range of technologies and tools that offer major efficiency gains for your project. These include:

  • Python for coding and development (especially the Pandas, NumPy and SciPy libraries)
  • ETL for building data pipelines and efficient data warehouses
  • Open source object-relational database system PostgreSQL for building cost-effective databases for operational data
  • MongoDB and Cassandra as alternative, no-SQL database management programs for large sets of distributed data or document-oriented information

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a data engineer do?

Data engineers design, build and maintain systems that transform raw data into useful information.

Data engineers perform a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Identifying useful datasets to analyze, in accordance with business needs
  • Build algorithms that turn raw data into insights
  • Keeping data activities compliant with relevant government and regulatory policies
  • Ensuring data is secure and well protected from threats

When should I hire a data engineer?

Previously, you’d hire data engineers before analysts because you needed someone to build the pipelines. Now, thanks to ELT and off-the-shelf analytics options, analysts can build basic pipelines on their own.

Hiring a data engineer becomes critical when it comes to successful expansion – off-the-shelf solutions will only take you so far. You should hire a data engineer when you predict that performance demands will outstrip current tools, or when coding requirements get too intense for your existing team.

What is big data engineering?

Data engineering is the process of designing, building and maintaining systems that can process data into useful information.

Big data engineering is the process of doing so in large-scale computing environments with massive datasets. This allows businesses to assess performance, identify key demographics and predict market trends more accurately than ever before.

What is data modeling?

Data modeling is the technique of creating a visual representation of how your data is connected to a particular system. A data model allows you to see how different datasets are connected with each other.

Data modeling is essential when building any sort of relational database. Typically, data models get more advanced as you move through the stages of designing and building a database, from looser (‘conceptual’) models during the discovery phase to more precise (‘physical’) models pre-build.

Data modeling is also useful when looking to optimize your data strategy. Mapping out your existing data architecture is a good way to identify any inefficiencies or pain points holding your current strategy back.

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