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Combinati aims to democratize Digital PCR and empower researchers all over the world.

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The mission of Combinati is highly impact-driven; scientists use the platform to track disease-driven biomarkers and learn crucial information about the healthcare of individuals. This includes vulnerable groups such as cancer survivors who need precise health monitoring, and to identify patients who are infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Using Combinati’s Absolute Q platform, scientists and researchers have access to an end-to-end dPCR solution. Absolute Q leverages patented microfluidic array partitioning technology and integrated software to provide rapid and seamless results.

The Project

Over the course of 18 months and with 3-7 team members engaged full-time on the project at any one time, the Tivix team has been working with Combinati to design and build the Absolute Q application from the ground up.

Combinati’s software application is seamlessly integrated with their hardware instruments and automatically processes data once partitioning, thermocycling, and imaging are complete. Using the application, scientists can choose different analysis methods and work with their data.


The Combinati app leverages multiple tools and technologies to address the users’ needs:

  • React.js library for frontend
  • Redux for state management
  • PixiJS, Chart.js, Plotly.js coupled with WebGL for charts and data visualization
  • Django/Python for backend
  • Electron for desktop app deployment
  • SQLite3 for local database and PostgreSQL for cloud database
combinati case study


The resulting product is the software component of Combinati’s Absolute Q platform. The initial version was released for beta testers during Q1 2020, with a full public release in September 2020.

Compared to market leaders, Combinati’s product drastically reduces processing time (~ 90 min) without jeopardizing the accuracy and precision of the runs’ analysis and results. This has a significant impact on lab throughput and can accelerate research in critical medical research fields such as Infectious Disease and Oncology.

Absolute Q is also actively used in the fight against COVID-19, offering sensitive detection of viral RNA targets. Digital PCR has been proven to be a more sensitive method of SARS-CoV-2 detection and can be used to screen wastewater to track community spread.

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