Frontend Web Development

As the user-facing part of a product, nailing the frontend is essential.

Tivix has over 11 years building beautiful, responsive frontend interfaces. Our frontend development expertise enables our clients to differentiate themselves with digital products that are a delight to use.

Our approach to frontend development

We leverage modern JavaScript frameworks such as React and Angular for frontend development. These frameworks offer pre-written code for basic tasks which allows our developers to focus on the details that matter.

All of the frontends we implement are based on quantitive and qualitative user research, which is conducted by our dedicated UX and UI design team.

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Technology focus

We focus on the most popular JavaScript frameworks: Angular, React, Vue and Polymer.

Quality assurance

By testing web applications from day one, any faults that could hinder the product down the line can be caught early. Our web development process includes rigorous requirements discovery, code reviews, testing and release management, with the aim of catching issues before they occur. This stringent testing process ultimately saves our clients time and money and results in better products.

Responsive as standard

Your users expect applications to perform uniformly across different web, mobile and tablet devices. We ensure this is the case with comprehensive testing using tools like BrowserStack.

Our dedicated QA team have an in-depth process to ensure compatibility across different device types, screen sizes, operating systems and browsers.

Your CMS team

Tivix has extensive experience building content management systems for a variety of use cases, from media publishing sites to enterprise CMS solutions. Tivix can take stock of the business case and implement a flexible CMS to fit business requirements. Some of our favourite tools are Wagtail, Drupal and WordPress.

Our clients include:

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