Angular development

Angular is an open-source, frontend framework developed by Google and written in TypeScript. We use it on projects where there is complex business logic that React is not the best fit for.

We love using it to build high-performing web apps for our clients. It’s a fantastic framework, with a large community and impressive functionality.

Why use Angular?

Angular provides the scaffolding that determines how your application is structured, with a full suite of the functionality needed to develop kick-ass web applications.

Angular has a large feature-set, one-way binding and fantastic testing libraries. It’s an ideal choice for applications where a project has complex workflows, or for larger teams and applications where it’s rigid structure can make it easier to maintain.

It’s a great choice for building powerful single page web apps.

True Angular Expertise

We’ve been building interfaces with Angular since its launch in 2014 (as AngularJS), and have expertise in all versions from AngularJS to Angular 7.0. Our clients rely on our Angular work to power large-scale projects that power mission-critical business functions.

Web App

Best Egg - Angular Frontend Development

Tivix works with Best Egg to develop and maintain their front end using the Angular framework.

Best Egg has revolutionized the lending industry, since launching in 2019, the platform has transacted over $8 billion in personal loans.

Best Egg Case Study

Our clients include:

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