Feb 27 2018

How Enterprises Can Streamline Business Processes through Digital Transformation

Embracing digitization can help streamline existing business processes and improve employee productivity.

Feb 21 2018

4 Examples of Companies Who’ve Mastered Digital Innovation

These companies have been going for more than a century by continually using R&D to innovate their offerings to serve the changing market.

Feb 12 2018

What’s Holding Your Enterprise Back from Adopting Agile?

An Agile methodology can be adopted company-wide—but many enterprises are holding back. How can large companies adopt a more innovative process?

Jan 11 2018

Why TypeScript?

While my main area of expertise is backend development over the years I’ve found myself (willingly or not) writing more and more javascript code. Over the years it became more and more enjoyable.

Jan 10 2018

Integration Testing of an Asynchronous Node.js Microservice

This article will explore one way to test the asynchronous execution of code in a Node.js application.

Nov 06 2017

Enterprise Software Trends to Watch in 2018

Simply put, enterprise software is software developed for organizations, rather than individuals. In the early days of computers  all  software was for enterprises, as only very large organizations owned computers.

Oct 12 2017

2017 State of the Industry: A survey of software developers on software developer productivity.

For most companies (including Tivix) software engineers are a very expensive part of the operation, so finding ways to help them be efficient and productive is something we are always working to get better at. Since the dawn of software development, in fact, there has been debate about how to make software engineering teams more effective.

Sep 20 2017

Redesigning Reddit

Co-authored by John Hargan. Why redesign Reddit?

Sep 12 2017

Predictive Maintenance Software

The guy who invented the wheel probably learned very early that protecting his wheel from damage was much smarter than having to make a new one every time it broke. Since then machines have gotten increasingly more complicated, and the cost of failure has become increasingly higher.

Aug 30 2017

Mobile strategy is out. End points are in.

Four years ago, every client meeting I was in was all about "mobile strategy". Companies were rushing to get a mobile app out and into the app store, and every teenager was building and launching mobile apps in his bedroom, with billionaire aspirations.

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