Jun 13 2019

How to (better) estimate software development projects

Software development projects are innately iterative. There’s a (seemingly) never-ending stream of new and revised requirements being shuttled to the product backlog.

May 09 2019

How to Create Effective UX Personas

How do you understand end users without your own projections getting in the way? We outline some tried and true methods for creating effective UX personas.

Apr 11 2019

The Ultimate Product Launch Checklist

Every software product launch will be different. But, creating (and following!) a checklist is an important step towards ensuring success.

Mar 08 2019

Agile vs. Waterfall: Choosing the Right Methodology

It may not always be easy to determine when to use Agile or Waterfall. This article gives you a brief set of heuristics for deciding when to use one versus the other (or both).

Feb 21 2019

Democratizing healthcare: With data, we're halfway there

Data can empower the healthcare industry in ways that are only beginning to be recognized. Using data to identify and manage health conditions can help improve patient outcomes while also reducing costs for providers.

Jan 17 2019

What are the Most Important Software Product Metrics to Track?

Depending on your particular product, you may need to collect several different metrics to gain a complete picture users and the features they find valuable.

Dec 13 2018

Using a Sprint Retrospective to Optimize Your Development Process

Sprint retrospectives give visibility into how your team works together and opportunities to improve. Here are some tips for holding a successful sprint retrospective:

Nov 29 2018

5 Ways to Encourage User Adoption with Stronger Change Management

When you nail the product up front, how can you follow suit with a stellar change management campaign?

Oct 25 2018

How to Conduct Effective User Acceptance Testing

User Acceptance Testing is the last step before deploying an application, so it's critical to make sure it happens smoothly so issues can be resolved before launch.

Oct 04 2018

5 Best Practices for Agile Sprint Planning

In order to use agile effectively, you need to be organized and have a strong understanding of what’s feasible to build within each given sprint.

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