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DevOps consulting bridges the gap between your IT development and operations teams. With DevOps you can release updates multiple times per day and make major efficiency gains by automating slow and risk-prone internal processes.

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What is DevOps?

DevOps is a development methodology. It’s based around many of the same principles as Agile, but expands to cover IT operations alongside your development team.

DevOps consulting brings development and IT operation into much closer collaboration, meaning you can cut your time to release, ensure application stability and deploy new features seamlessly.

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Why DevOps?

When implemented well, the DevOps methodology removes department silos so that you can deploy multiple times a day and win back hours of your teams’ time by automating key tasks.

Release quicker with CI/CD

DevOps consulting offers increased efficiency because of its reliance on continuous integration and continuous deployment (usually abbreviated to CI/CD).

  • Create a continuous feedback loop between testing and deployment
  • Prioritize faster, smaller releases
  • Automate traditionally time-consuming tasks
DevOps Consulting with Tivix

Automate your delivery pipeline

Your deployment process can add days – or even weeks – to your release schedule. This often requires a lot of manual input and is prone to costly human error. Automation allows you to cut your time to release drastically and allows IT teams to reinvest these hours elsewhere.

Using a DevOps approach, we can automate:

  • The delivery pipeline
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Testing and post-deployment monitoring
DevOps Consulting at Tivix

DevOps Case Study
DoveMed Kubernetes Implementation 

Kubernetes (and a bit of our own magic) allowed us to implement ephemeral environments – a solution that enabled our client test, review and observe the product and it’s improvements in a flexible, easy way.

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Work with us

We provide a range of DevOps expertise. We create customized DevOps frameworks based on your requirements, and will be with you every step of the way. We offer:


A decade of experience

We’ve grown up with DevOps and have been enthusiasts since the beginning. We provide hands-on, continuous consulting to a wide variety of clients.

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Scalable services

We adjust our approach based on your needs. If you need DevOps consulting as part of a wider project, we offer a range of product development services too.

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Reduced costs

By outsourcing to us, you save significant amounts of money on finding, hiring and maintaining a full-time DevOps team.

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Instant expertise

Our global network of DevOps consultants and engineers can start work on your project immediately, removing the time delays caused by in-house hires.

Don’t just take our word for it

We help leading brands worldwide drive digital innovation via rapid prototyping, iterative development, design thinking and agile devops.

I’ve worked with a lot of different teams, but Tivix stands out because they really understand business and collaborate with us - even challenge us - to build better strategy and products.

Director of Digital Innovation, Zoetis

We were looking for a vendor that had both the experience and the insight into technology innovation. Tivix are a great partner and they’ll become part of your team.

Chief Digital Officer, The Macerich Company

We had low capacity so we hired Tivix to support us. I always felt Tivix was part of our team. They were really interested in the product and determined to provide value.

Senior Product Manager, Beamery

Continuously integrate changes into your product code

There is no such thing as too much testing.

Our DevOps consultants use their years of experience to automate testing using an approach that works for your business. We identify which tools work for you, and help you build the processes needed to embed CI/CD into the fabric of your IT departments long term.

This gives your developers the ability to continuously integrate changes into your product code without needing to wait for the testing period to end. You conduct vastly more testing in a much shorter space of time, and you release updates much quicker as a result.

Save time with infrastructure automation

Every day, your IT operations teams spend hours on infrastructure management tasks that could be done faster and more reliably when automated.

Our DevOps consultants implement a range of processes and configuration management tools so that you can eliminate human error from your infrastructure management tasks and complete them more quickly.

The result is that your infrastructure becomes more stable overall, and provides an environment that’s much more conducive to fast development and deployment. Meanwhile, your IT operations team can focus their time on non-routine tasks where human involvement is an asset.

Containerize to limit bugs and deploy faster

To grow sustainably and keep up with customer demands, you need to deploy quickly across multiple environments. Traditionally, building something in one environment and transferring to another results in bugs that take time to find and resolve. This results in a poor user experience.

Our extensive experience in containerization using DevOps software like Kubernetes allows us to modernize legacy IT infrastructure. This helps you create apps that are more secure, collaborative, cost-effective and scalable.

Thanks to our containerization expertise, you’ll be able to:

  • Recover crashed components quickly
  • Add new instances to meet demand
  • Perform rolling upgrades to update your applications without any downtime
  • Let your developers experiment with new ways of doing things (for example incorporating new languages) without any app downtime

Use infrastructure as a service for reliability and scalability

We build reliable infrastructures using a programmable approach with DevOps tools like Terraform and Ansible (among others).

All code is hosted on secure GitHub repos or our clients’ choice of Git management tool, where changes are centralized for triggered deployment to target environments. With this approach, every single code change is thoroughly tested by end to end tests, vulnerability scanners and unit tests.

Get the long-term DevOps support you need

Our involvement doesn’t stop after implementation. Our consultancy services are all about building long-term relationships with clients, so that your DevOps infrastructure keeps running efficiently and successfully.

What form this support takes is based on your needs. You might want our DevOps consultants to take a continuous role in managing, monitoring and maintaining the frameworks we implement. Alternatively, you might want to hand the reins over to internal teams with the option of frequent check-ins with Tivix consultants.

However you want to run DevOps after the initial implementation, our consultants will be happy to build a support plan that works around your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a development methodology that extends the principles of Agile outwards to your IT operations team. This helps development and ops teams work in unison for major efficiency gains. Under DevOps you can deploy multiple releases in a day.

The principles of continuous integration and continuous delivery are central to a successful DevOps methodology. In traditional development methodologies, one stage follows the other. In DevOps, they run concurrently in a constant loop.

Should I hire a DevOps or a software engineer?

The answer to this question depends on what you want your new hire to do.

If you’re looking for someone to work directly on your product code, you should hire a software engineer. On the other hand, DevOps engineers don’t work directly on your product. Instead, they build the infrastructure you need to bridge the gap between your development and IT operations teams.

If your priority is product, you should hire a software engineer. If your priority is making sure you can update and release efficiently, you should hire a DevOps consultant, DevOps engineer, or a DevOps developer if you need help on code-based tasks.

What does a DevOps engineer do?

‘DevOps engineer’ is an umbrella term for technology professionals that take charge of DevOps implementation and run DevOps-based processes within your organization.

Day-to-day duties of a DevOps engineer often include:

  • Automating key tasks
  • Building plugins for your development and deployment tools
  • Performance testing and benchmarking
  • Optimizing release schedules
  • Implementing best security practices

How can I hire a DevOps engineer?

If you want to hire DevOps engineers or DevOps consultants, you can either hire directly in-house or outsource to an external development agency.

DevOps has been around since 2009, so there are plenty of people with significant experience in the area. Alternatively, you could entice one of your software engineers or IT operations staff to cross over into the discipline.

Alternatively, you could outsource your DevOps consulting to an external partner like Tivix. This gets you immediate access to a worldwide experienced DevOps engineers without a lengthy hiring process.

We’re one of the best DevOps companies out there, and offer a range of DevOps solutions including GitOps, infrastructure as a service, infrastructure modernization and CI/CD implementation.

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