Transforming paperwork into digital processes

FormForce is a web and mobile product focused on data collection, storage and reporting for enterprise.




Tivix was contracted by FormForce to facilitate the process of deploying and managing on-premise security personnel. The associated workflow contained a large amount of tedious and time-consuming paperwork. The resulting product that emerged from our analysis of the business case was FormForce.

This product is a game-changer for many paperwork and compliance-heavy industries. FormForce turns paper forms into living processes and procedures. By moving paper form entry onto a digital platform, data can be securely captured, accessed and archived by multiple parties in real time. With a full database infrastructure, FormForce correlates sites, employees, training, vendors, and equipment — all aimed at providing rich data for analysis, verification and validation.

“"We are continually challenged by the Tivix team. They stretch us, asking the right questions, presenting various scenarios and testing the true logic and flow of our concepts to get our product to where we need it to be. We are always impressed with the varied talents of the Tivix team members."”

Brooke Antonioni

President & CEO

>10 Million

Data points

8,000 Reams

Amount of paper FormForce clients save


Paper cost savings for clients

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