Jul 26 2018

Choosing The Best JavaScript Framework or Library for Your Project: React, Angular, Vue.js or Polymer?

When building a new software application, consider which JavaScript framework or library provides the support you need.

Jul 19 2018

How to Attract Candidates - Impressions from HR Congress in Poland

One of the biggest challenges faced by a modern company nowadays is how to attract candidates in times of increasing technology focus and ongoing change.

Jul 05 2018

6 of the Best UX Prototyping Tools for Product Designers in 2018

UX prototyping tools make it easy to rapidly bring ideas to life. We round up 6 of the best to consider for your next project.

Jun 28 2018

Django vs Rails: Picking the Right Web Framework

The speed and performance differences between Django and Rails are negligible. So why choose one over the other?

Jun 14 2018

When Should You Choose Custom Software Development vs. Off the Shelf?

There’s a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution out there for virtually every use case, from marketing automation to accounting to asset tracking, which typically charge a set fee per month or per user for access to a cloud-hosted platform. Many apps are even built on top of solutions that you’re likely already using, such as Salesforce.

May 17 2018

Product Ideation: How to Begin the Process with a Software Development Agency

When working with a software development team on a digital product, begin with an innovation engineering workshop to build your vision.

Apr 03 2018

How Enterprises Can Streamline Business Processes through Digital Transformation

Embracing digitization can help streamline existing business processes and improve employee productivity.

Mar 07 2018

4 Examples of Companies Who’ve Mastered Digital Innovation

These companies have been going for more than a century by continually using R&D to innovate their offerings to serve the changing market.

Feb 12 2018

What’s Holding Your Enterprise Back from Adopting Agile?

An Agile methodology can be adopted company-wide—but many enterprises are holding back. How can large companies adopt a more innovative process?

Jan 11 2018

Why TypeScript?

While my main area of expertise is backend development over the years I’ve found myself (willingly or not) writing more and more javascript code. Over the years it became more and more enjoyable.


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