You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

I wrote back in January about the innovation going on in consumer financial services, and that our client Marlette Funding has been getting incredible traction with the product platform which Tivix built and maintains for them. Today Marlette announced that just 15 months after launch they have already originated over $1 billion in loans on the platform, have closed on a $75 million equity round, and anticipate closing on $450 million in debt facilities later this summer. 

That’s pretty remarkable market validation, both from the consumer side and the investor side.

Tivix has built several other financial services platforms, but this is one of the most successful ever in the history of the sector. Congrats to the whole Marlette team, and the Tivix team members who have been immersed in this project!

You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

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