Our Neighbor

There are many companies around Silicon Valley who can boast about sharing the neighborhood with famous technology movers and shakers, but only Tivix can say that we are actually right across the street from the internet.

That’s right – directly across the street from our offices is The Internet Archive. It’s a giant building (a former Christian Science church) with the ambitious goal of archiving the entire internet, plus an ever-growing library of music, moving images, and nearly three million public-domain books. They currently have servers holding over 10 petabytes of cultural material, as part of their stated mission to provide “universal access to all knowledge”. Now that’s an impressive mission statement.

The Internet Archive also operates the Wayback Machine, a crawler-based service that allows archives of the World Wide Web to be searched and accessed (the name is a nod to the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, which featured the “WABAC Machine“). Millions of websites and their associated data (images, source code, documents, etc.) are saved in a gigantic database for searching and viewing – you can even view websites that no longer exist!

Others around here can brag that they know Google employee #12, or that their cousin knows someone who knows someone who once had a sandwich with Mark Zuckerberg. But only Tivix can say that our offices are directly across the street from the entire internet.

Our Neighbor

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