Wrocław – the 2016 European Capital of Culture

Each year the European Union designates one of its cities as the “Capital of Culture”, and Wrocław (a beautiful university town in Western Poland) has been designated as the 2016 European Capital of Culture. Throughout the year there will be music concerts, art exhibits, fairs, and other special events celebrating the art and culture of Wroclaw and the rest of Europe.

Tivix has an office in Wrocław – in fact, it’s the headquarters of our European operations.

Tivix is there because Poland has one of the strongest economies in Europe today (the 6th largest economy in the EU, and the largest of all the former Soviet-block countries). Their education system is top-notch (The Economist and Pearson rank Poland’s education system as 4th overall in Europe and 10th in the world).

The World Bank, in a recent report, said “Poland’s performance in the last quarter of a century has been not much short of a miracle. Most remarkably, the economic growth has been based on brain power, entrepreneurship, and hard work, not on natural resources or financial steroids”.

Most importantly for Tivix, Poland’s universities are turning out some of the best computer scientists in all of Europe. Many of our team members there have advanced degrees from the Wrocław University of Technology.

So while Tivix is there because of the strength of the economy and the quality of the computer scientists, the rich culture and physical beauty are pretty darn nice, too.

Looking for a place to travel this summer? I recommend the 2016 European Capital of Culture: Wrocław. It’s an absolutely beautiful city. Stop by the Tivix office. Tell them I sent you.

Wrocław – the 2016 European Capital of Culture

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