Why Blogging is Good for Business

At Tivix, we encourage everyone to write a blog post once per quarter, but we’ve found that it is often difficult for people even to begin the process. I’ll admit that even though I’m the one responsible for gently reminding (or, as other like to call it, “nagging”) people to get their blog posts up, I often find myself struggling to make sure I get mine posted in a timely manner as well.

Sometimes, the toughest part of blogging is just coming up with a topic to write about. Personally, I like to jot down ideas that come to my head in a notebook so when it comes time to write first post, I have things to write about. At Tivix, we also keep a running spreadsheet of topics that people are interested in reading about. That way, someone who has extensive knowledge on one of those topics can write about it if they need an idea.

Despite the difficulty of blogging consistently, I believe maintaining a blog can contribute to the success of a business, if only in a small way.


Blogging is a great way to make sure that your website consistently has new and relevant content.

Many websites sit around without being updated unless there is a major design or messaging overhaul, which happens maybe once a year at most, and often not for many years. Blog posts keep the site’s content relevant and give visitors something new to see and a reason to revisit.


A blog positions the business as a leader in the industry by establishing authority in the area of expertise.

Think about Yelp. Which reviews do you gravitate towards reading when you look up a new restaurant you want to eat at? You focus on the ones that have that little label that says that they’re a Yelp Elite. Those are the reviews you trust, because those reviewers are consistent in reviewing places they visit. Blogging regularly on relevant topics shows that the company is trustworthy and really knows its stuff.


Ultimately, it helps drive traffic to the website.

The bottom line is, blogging helps generate traffic to your website. More traffic means increased leads, and ultimately, more business.


Help yourself by helping your business become an industry leader, not just a member. Start jotting down those ideas, and keep up with blogging consistently. It’s a great way to learn more about the things you’re interested in, and it can only be beneficial to your business.


Why Blogging is Good for Business

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