The value of full-immersion kickoff meetings.

Tivix requires full-immersion kick-off workshops at the beginning of every new client engagement. We'll fly to the client or have the client fly to us. Either way, we've found that getting everybody in the same room at the beginning of an engagement is an investment worth making. 

We live in an era when all of us are used to using remote communication tools. Even our local clients tend to just communicate with us via phone, Skype, and email. But still, there is just simply no substitute for sitting down together, in one room, with a whiteboard and an intense collaboration focus. 

When we're developing a new product from the ground-up this is especially important. We like using the Google Ventures Product Design Sprint methodology – using it we've helped our clients to launch and scale successful products and services (it's based on Design Thinking structure from IDEO and the Stanford

A five-day full-immersion commitment isn't cheap for anyone. If there are three people from Tivix and three people from the client that's a 240 hour investment.

But when our client is spending 6-7 figures to launch a new product we have found it to be worth every penny. 

The value of full-immersion kickoff meetings.

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