A few years ago I was unemployed, between companies, and trying to decide what to do with my life. I called my friend Ty and asked if we could have lunch so that he could give me advice on my professional path.

“Look for seams”, Ty said over lunch. “There's always opportunity to be found in the seams between obvious sectors and professions. That's where the gold is”.

Over the weekend I was thinking about that lunch many years ago, and how Tivix today is built on a seam opportunity.

There are a zillion freelancers who do web/mobile application development. And there are many large established agencies/consulting firms who do web/mobile application development. Tivix sits firmly on the seam between those two obvious vendor sets.

Our clients hire us because we offer better engineering process and bandwidth than freelancers, and better speed and agility than large agencies and global consulting firms. We’re on the seam between the two.

Ty was right. Look for seams.


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