Keeping Employees Happy

A half year ago I wrote about the three keys to recruiting a great team. We have an excellent team and skilled employees. Now it’s time to keep them busy and pleased at the same time, because a happy employee is an effective employee.

Money is not everything. Employers may not realize that offering raises and bonuses won’t have a long-term effect. This is only a temporary solution and it won’t make the best workers stick around. I’ve gathered some thoughts over the past two years about employee management. These are not secrets at all and I believe most of employers already know them pretty well.

1. Communication

This may be obvious, but a lack of communication is the root of all problems. And I am not talking about occasionally checking in on employees how they are doing. Try to spend some time with your employees during lunch time; talk about their thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Restaurants, coffee after work, beer in pub, golf or bowling — it does not matter. Bonding with your team can be crucial in making them feel noticed and appreciated. Remember that achievement and recognition are high motivators for employees. A lack of interest may quickly make them feel despondent.

2. Transparency

Be transparent. Let the team know what your company wants to achieve, the cost of achieving the goals, and the financial status of the company. Make employees part of the big picture and ask for their input. This will help point the company in the right direction for creating an awesome workplace environment. A recent survey shows that transparency is the #1 factor to employee happiness.

3. Stimulation

Keep your team stimulated all the time. There is nothing worse for an employee than boredom. Doing the same thing over and over, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month might drive them crazy. To keep them effective and happy at the same time, assign new projects, change desks, or let them learn new things. Stagnation and lack of perspective lowers work productivity. Routine is the enemy of creativity and innovation. Ensure that jobs provide intellectual stimulation and task variety.

4. Food and Coffee

These are absolutely the most important aspects in company management. If you mess with food or your coffee machine is broken, you can just close the office. Hungry employees are never productive. A lack of coffee makes them sleepy and bored. These two things can completely disorganize a workplace and should be top priorities.

Final Thoughts

Friendship, achievement, influence, transparency, and affiliation are more important to job satisfaction than money. These make employees happy and productive. And this is the key to successful company management.

Keeping Employees Happy

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