Hive Update – 22 million stories and counting!

I mentioned in a previous post about our internal initiative to build and launch the brainchild of one of our Technical Architects, Francis Cleary.

A devoted user of the now-defunct Google Reader, Francis decided he wanted to lead the development of an improved replacement product. Thus Hive was born, aimed at people who, like Francis, consume prodigious amounts of online content daily (blogs, articles, news headlines, etc).

I’m pleased to say that Hive is now released into the wild, and it’s really an amazing engineering accomplishment. The Hive product currently has thousands of active users, 22 million stories in the system, 660,000 feeds, and is growing every day. The system is currently handling 160 requests a second, which is pretty amazing — if you do the math, that’s equivalent to the request-handling of a website with with 12 million users.

Congratulations to Francis on the successfully building and launching of Hive. It was an amazing 90-day sprint that demonstrated the unique development capabilities of the entire Tivix team, and will hopefully be a product that will be serving satisfied users for years to come!

Hive Update – 22 million stories and counting!

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