Creating innovation that matters.

At Tivix, our clients hire us to produce innovative digital products. And so we’re very interested in studying how various companies approach the process of bringing innovation to their particular sector. 

Creating innovation isn’t easy, and bringing innovation to large enterprises can be especially difficult. Large companies are less agile and managers need to be focused on optimizing the operations of existing lines of business, not experimenting with new ones. 

So what do you do if you are Syngenta, a $15 billion Swiss company with 28,000 employees, if you want to foster real innovation in your sector?

Well, you help sponsor the Thought for Food challenge, calling on the best and brightest university students in the world today to create innovative solutions to the most important problem facing the planet today: how will we feed 9 billion people on earth by the year 2050?

If you had to choose the #1 issue in the world that requires new and innovative thinking, food security would be a pretty good choice. It’s a big problem, the cause of much strife and suffering, and solving it will require the best and the brightest from the private and public sectors together with research universities around the world. 

Tivix is proud to have Syngenta as a client. Their involvement with the Thought for Food challenge is a great example of a large company using its resources to bring together the bright young minds required to create innovation that matters. 

Creating innovation that matters.

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