Congratulations to CloudVelocity on Closing a $13 Million Round of Funding

I had lunch today with the VP Engineering at CloudVelocity, and congratulated him having just closed on a $13 million round of new funding. Sumit Chachra (our CTO) and I first met the CEO of CloudVelocity almost two years ago, when the company was first founded. They engaged Tivix to help to build out their product, and we've worked alongside their engineering team ever since.

The CloudVelocity product platform is pretty sophisticated software. Using their platform a company can migrate existing enterprise applications to the cloud, create cloned instances (for staging and testing environments), and create complete backup instances for disaster recovery. In a world where every company is migrating IT to the cloud, CloudVelocity is addressing a real need in a very compelling way.

It’s very satisfying to have our friends at CloudVelocity reach this latest achievement after nearly two years of working together. Landing a new $13 million round from top-tier VCs doesn't happen unless you’ve got a very solid, well-built product and huge potential. On behalf of the Tivix team members who have worked on the project — including Sumit, Adam, and Matt — warm congratulations to CloudVelocity!