Congrats to our client, SwiftStack

About half our clients are entrepreneurs and our job is to get them to whatever their next big milestone is.

This week one of our great clients, SwiftStack, announced that they'd successfully raised another $16 million in venture funding, on the basis of the impressive product and market traction they'd achieved.

Sumit and I first met SwiftStack's CEO, Joe Arnold, more than a year ago when he came into our offices late one afternoon, referred by another venture-funded client of ours.

We loved Joe's vision, and shared his passion for revolutionary open-source platforms. In particular, Joe believed that the current explosion of unstructured data volumes could be addressed by a new open source software solution that could disrupt traditional enterprise storage vendors who are still selling proprietary solutions.

Since then our team has been busy helping Joe's team, as they've built and refined the SwiftStack product platform.

Congrats to Joe and the whole SwiftStack team on the funding milestone they achieved this week. Congrats also to Tivix team members Rex, Erin, Perri, and Sebastian, all of whom have participated in the engagement. Great work, all!

Congrats to our client, SwiftStack

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