Congrats to our client CrowdStreet on another $3.5M in venture funding.

When the founders of CrowdStreet first approached Tivix, their idea was pretty much at the early “napkin sketch” stage, but we were immediately impressed. The founding team had deep experience in commercial real estate and were passionate about developing a new online platform that could bring innovation to their sector, on the heels of Obama’s 2012 JOBS act which changed securities regulations to encourage small business funding and democratize investment opportunities. 

We saw huge potential in what they were doing. So we signed them on as a client and immersed with their team in building and launching a revolutionary new way to fund commercial real estate. 

Today CrowdStreet announced another $3.5 million in venture capital funding, bringing total funding raised to $4.8 million (view announcement). The validation they are receiving from investors is really gratifying to see. 

Congrats to Tore, Darren, and the rest of the CrowdStreet team!