Building software that matters.

We recently changed our tagline to “Building software that matters.” 

So what the hell does that mean?

Well, if you look at our portfolio of projects you’ll notice that Tivix has done lots of different kinds of projects, but we haven’t built any fad-driven consumer-facing applications (no SnapChat produced here). 

It’s not because we have some sort of strategy to avoid those projects, it’s just that as a team we are cognitively more attuned to building software that actually solves real-world business problems. That’s what we’re good at doing. 

At Tivix we’ve recently built a platform to revolutionize the consumer lending industry, a new platform to help distribute food to people in famine-stricken areas of the world, a platform to change the way solar energy projects are funded, and a platform to help academics and data scientists advance machine learning algorithms. That’s what we do. 

Much of success in life is simply finding what you are really good at. For us, it’s building software that matters. That’s what we love to do. 

Building software that matters.

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