A Few Thoughts on Vue.js and JavaScript Frameworks


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending VueConf 2017, the (first ever) Vue.js conference, so I figured I’d put together some thoughts on the Vue JavaScript framework and using JS frameworks in general.

I’ve been working with Vue for more the 6 months now. I use it solely to enhance frontend functionality.

As a backend engineer I often come across certain features that cannot be handled by request/response flow. Also using jQuery is not getting the job done anymore (assuming I want to keep a maintainable codebase).

I started by rewriting the data entrance preview table to handle dynamically driven output. After a few months I ended up using Vue to enhance many parts of the website (modal window logic, tables, charts, etc.).

I found Vue.js to be very easy to start with. It has comprehensive documentation and API reference along with a few common example code snippets.
I have used a few JS frameworks before and Vue seems to be the first one that just makes sense to me.

I’m not favoring Vue over other JS frameworks (I only do that when around certain people..).

The point is – use tools to get things done. Use the one that makes sense to you and one that you feel more productive with.

People often argue about advantages of one framework over another. But they essentially do the same thing: render content and handle events in a reactive way.

Some may complain about having too many frameworks to choose from. I would say this is an advantage to be able to pick one that make the most sense to you.

Having a choice in our profession is a great thing – just choose the tool you like, learn it, stick with it and get shit done!

A Few Thoughts on Vue.js and JavaScript Frameworks

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