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Need a high-performing engineering team? Tivix can engage quickly, getting you to your next important milestone. Our engineering team is the real deal, with deep experience building scalable software that performs across web, mobile, and cloud platforms.

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Need to get an innovative product to market quickly? Tivix works with entrepreneurs and investors to move your idea rapidly from concept to launch. We combine proven innovation methodology with deep engineering expertise to build innovative software that matters.

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Is design important in our life?

Before get to the main topic of this blog post, we have to have answer on this. Do you like good-looking things? I think all of you will answer YES. We love the things with the best designs. That ...

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In developing innovative consumer applications for our global businesses, we have found the Silicon Valley expertise of the Tivix team to be incredibly valuable.

Scott Lyle, Director, Business Innovation, Pfizer Corporation