Building a Successful Digital Product: 11 Founders Share Their Secrets for Success

Get access to 5 chapters of trade secrets from high-growth startup Founders, CEOs and CTOs.

From pandemic pivots and pricing puzzles to finding the perfect customer. Learn from 11 founders who honestly present their challenges and triumphs at every stage of their product journey. 


What’s inside?

We’ve broken the product journey down into 5 key phases. Each chapter is full of exclusive advice and actionable insights; the things our founders wish they’d known before building their digital products.

  • It starts with a spark (and an MVP)
  • Listening to customer feedback
  • Finding your first paying customer
  • Building a technical tribe
  • Show me the money

Chapter breakdown


Tivix CEO and CTO, Sumit Chachra, introduces our report in the context of a rapidly changing digital business environment.

Sumit Chachra


Chapter 1: It starts with a spark (and an MVP)

"Having structured interview processes, and asking people about their specific pain points is ultimately the only thing that will enable you to build a great solution."

Richard Mabey

Co-founder and CEO of Juro

Chapter 2: Driving forward with customer feedback

"We listen to our sales and customer success teams to make sure we prioritize the features that will have the most impact."

Nikola Mrkšić

CEO and Co-Founder of PolyAI

Chapter 3: Finding your first paying customer

“You can make the supply happy and then demand suffers or vice versa – or supply and demand are both happy, but ClassPass suffers. It’s all about finding that balance.”

Zachary Apter

Chief Commercial Officer at ClassPass

Chapter 4: Building a technical tribe

"Do you want to learn about the technical challenges of building a business? If you do, then build it in-house. If you don’t care, then outsource it."

Ben Gateley

CEO and Co-Founder at CharlieHR

Chapter 5: Show me the money

"If people give you a reason why they don't invest, build on that. We listen to every rejection we get, which isn’t always nice, but it helps us grow."

Flora Davidson

Co-Founder and Head of Product at SupplyCompass

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