A clearer picture for global Humanitarian Cash Transfers

HOPE is a humanitarian cash transfer management system which provides cash assistance to families and their children in need across the globe.


Year:2020 - 2021


A UNICEF Project, HOPE enables the collection and processing of data required for cash programs to provide a response to humanitarian crises all over the world.

UNICEF employs enumerators on the ground in areas of conflict or emergency to find and collect the data of people in need. The affected population are then registered in the HOPE database, and are targeted for programs based on their vulnerabilities.

Beneficiary lists are managed through the system allowing segregation of duties and secure data transfer to financial service providers.

The HOPE platform results in better cash assistance programming, data security and reporting. It mitigates the associated data protection and fiduciary risks that come with the increasing use of cash assistance in global emergency response.

The Project

HOPE development was led by the Office of Emergency Programs (EMOPS) with technical support from Information and Communication Technology Division (ICTD) and the Division of Administration, Finance and Management (DFAM).

Tivix was employed to build a web application providing a global snapshot of statistical data for all of the countries and regions engaged with UN Partner Programs. The application includes multiple features, such as a global dashboard, registration data import and a program management panel allowing UNICEF and partner staff to create cash programs, which are the main initiatives that help structure funding for individuals in need.

With HOPE, users are able to access population data, and have tools to identify households and individuals that have vulnerabilities that qualify for cash programs. This enables UNICEF to follow up on the successful delivery of funds, ensuring that all beneficiaries receive the right amount of financial aid.


There are several complex technical parts to HOPE, as it aims to serve multiple different use cases for various roles within the UN Partner structure.

For example, UNICEF is challenged with preventing double registration when collecting people’s data for cash assistance. Tivix therefore built a custom matching algorithm to identify possible duplicate entries or matches across the various databases.

The technologies that were used as part of this project include:

  • Apollo
  • Typescript
  • GraphQL
  • Styled Components
  • PostGres
  • GoogleCloud
  • React
  • Django
  • HELM
  • Azure
  • KoboToolbox
  • Datamart
  • RapidPro
  • Kubernetes
  • Elasticsearch
  • MaterialUI

Project Management

The HOPE project began with a one-week kickoff. This included a comprehensive product discovery phase in which user interviews were conducted and project personas created.

The development of the minimum viable product lasted a year and a half. This project was managed with a hybrid-agile approach, allowing our team to respond and adapt to changes in the roadmap.


The HOPE platform was received positively and has already proven to be a much needed and welcomed tool by UNICEF country offices. Whilst maintenance and enhancements continue, UNICEF has begun to pilot the platform in additional countries.

UNICEF deployed HOPE in five countries in 2021 and plans to release it in up to thirty countries in the five years to come. HOPE enhances the quality of programs implementing Humanitarian Cash Transfers (HCT) by increasing compliance with UNICEF guidance and tools and ensuring accountability and traceability of the information managed.


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