Integrated Healthcare Association

Providing clear data insight into California’s healthcare

Tivix partnered with IHA to streamline their multi-channelled data structure, collecting and analyzing data from California’s top healthcare providers.

IHA case study

Year:2020 - 2021

IHA case study

Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) brings the healthcare community together to solve industry-wide challenges that stand in the way of high-value care. As a non-profit industry association, they use objective data, their decades of expertise, and their unique role as a trusted facilitator to make the healthcare system work better for everyone.


IHA’s performance measurement program is one of the largest value-based healthcare performance improvement programs in the country. It uses a common stakeholder-approved measure set and methodology to create clear performance benchmarks and reward high-performing providers. The program currently accepts data from over 200 physician organizations, offering data insights into the health journey of over 13 million Californians.

“It was a joy to work with the Tivix team. They have deep expertise in DevOps and Django that helped us tame seemingly intractable complexity. Tivix engineers and project managers quickly and productively integrated with our team. At the close of our engagement, Tivix did an excellent job with hand-off, and gave us the kind great documentation we need to integrate and maintain their work with confidence. We’re looking forward to our next engagement with the Tivix team.”

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Eric Kansa, PhD

Sr. Software Engineer

The Project

IHA engaged Tivix as a backend development partner to reduce the complexity of its data analysis processes. The core engagement spanned the course of a year, during which time Tivix took on numerous projects whilst providing ongoing backend support.

The complex nature of IHA’s data processing systems meant that the Tivix team needed some time to fully ramp up on the domain knowledge required to understand the client’s needs. Our team began with a kickoff workshop, aligning on project goals, followed by a two week analysis phase, delivering a project plan for the path forward. Constant collaboration with IHA’s existing data engineering team was essential to the project’s success. The Tivix team was able to quickly absorb knowledge and make good progress on deliverables, proving and disproving various approaches.


The Measurement Metadata phase of the project built various bulk update interfaces and implemented a unified data model that supported existing IHA products.

The second layer of Tivix’s engagement regarded IHA’s partner contracts. Tivix worked together with IHA’s data engineering team to build a better way to onboard new organizations to each of their programs.

The team modernized IHA’s developer setup in a way that enabled faster and easier ramp up for future onboarding. Utilizing Docker for local development and unifying developer experience across the board.

The Tivix team used the following technologies:

  • Django
  • Python
  • Flask
  • Docker
  • NumPy
  • Utilized existing client Jira/Confluence

Project Management

This complex engagement required sophisticated and hands-on project management.

To begin, virtual workshops were undertaken to establish an understanding of the data that we would be working with and how it was used. Our team outlined a roadmap with specific work streams to make division of work and prioritization clear. We took an agile sprint approach; constant and clear communication was achieved with weekly meetings and 1:1 collaboration huddles, ensuring that progress on the complex codebase was achieved at the end of each sprint.


Throughout the course of Tivix’s engagement with IHA, the core deliverables of optimizing their data analysis processes and collaborating on solution strategy were met. Tivix’s existing processes and tools provided IHA clear tracking and ticketing to meet project office requirements. With the help of Tivix, IHA made clear strides towards their goal of adapting their processes to meet the evolving and complex needs of the program.


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