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Building a digital platform for personal loans

Tivix digitized a personal loan offering for Regional Finance, a diversified consumer finance company with over 350 branch locations throughout the US.

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Year:2020 - present

Founded in 1987, Regional Finance (NYSE: RM) is one of the leading consumer lending firms in the United States. Their goal is simple: to provide people with the money they need to improve their lives. Headquartered in Greer, South Carolina, they serve over 350,000 customers in thirteen states.

Recognizing the opportunity to digitize their loan offering, Regional Finance turned to Tivix to build a bespoke lending platform. With local customer service at the heart of any branch interaction, Regional Finance wanted to replicate their seamless, personalized approach with an always-accessible digital offering.

“The Tivix team has brought a modern approach and fresh perspective to our digital delivery efforts. I have been very impressed with the depth of their technology knowledge and expertise. Their team has also done a fantastic job at raising the bar for customer experience through their product thinking and UI/UX design skills.”

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Chris Martin

VP Digital Product Management, Regional Management Corporation

The Project

Tivix and Regional Finance worked together to offer an end to end, fully digitized loan experience for their customers. The final lending platform will enable the pre-qualification and approval of customer loans, integrating with the services required to assess customer risk profiles.

By bringing the loan application and qualification process online, Regional Finance can service more customers, scale their business and improve the customer experience by offering on-demand access to their loan products.

Tivix continues to work on additional projects which will fully digitize the application, qualification and processing of personal loans. Further phases will offer a comprehensive customer portal, allowing users to make payments and view payment history. The customer portal will improve the financial health of Regional Finance’s customers, helping them stay on top of repayments and provide an easy way for customers to renew their loans without needing to visit a local branch.


Django/Python was employed as a backend framework due to its speed of development and reliability in production. React was chosen as the frontend framework, enabling Tivix to build a highly performant frontend with reusable components.

As a complex financial product, the pre-qualification flow required integrations with various 3rd party systems for credit profiling, risk analysis, and customer communication.

Our DevOps team built a fully automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery pipeline with unit and end-to-end testing, along with ephemeral environments for each pull request.

Design Philosophy

Superior customer experience is a core part of Regional Finance’s in-branch offering. With this in mind, it was essential to design an intuitive user experience.

The aim was to make it as easy as possible for users to enter their information and select a loan that is right for them. Tivix designed an easy-to-use loan calculator that allows users to visualize term length, understand APR and simplify the loan selection process.


The system began its initial rollout in March 2021, with a soft launch going live in select US states. Thanks to their digital transformation, Regional Finance has seen a large increase in incoming leads and has reduced processing time and cost by enabling their employees to qualify and approve loans online.

Once complete, their online customer portal will give Regional Finance a significant competitive advantage providing a seamless customer experience and will enable their employees to spend vital time focusing on servicing existing customers and dealing with high risk loans.



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