Swift Development – How to Stay up to Date?


Swift has become a very popular language. It’s still fresh and because of that it changes a lot. At least once a year we have a big change of syntax caused by the release of a new version. And at the moment of writing this post we are at Swift 3.0. 

It’s pretty hard to follow all the changes to this language and read the latest documentation every time there is a change announced. So I would like to list the resources which I find most useful for all iOS/Swift developers:

Newsletters – Once a week you can get the latest news in a pill:

  1. Swift Weekly – http://swiftweekly.com/
  2. iOS Dev Weekly –  http://iosdevweekly.com

Blogs – Just check them in your free time, even once a week is not so bad:

  1. Ray Wenderlich – https://www.raywenderlich.com
  2. Official Swift Blog – https://swift.org/blog/
  3. Medium – https://medium.com/tag/swift/latest
  4. NSHipster – http://nshipster.com
  5. Swift Talk – https://www.objc.io/
  6. Realm – https://realm.io/news/tags/apple/

Twitter – We all share the knowledge we have. Follow other developers to get what’s most important:

  1. NatashaTheRobot – https://twitter.com/natashatherobot
  2. Ole Begemann – https://twitter.com/olebegemann
  3. Chris Eidhof – https://twitter.com/chriseidhof/
  4. Peter Steinberger – https://twitter.com/steipete

Videos – YouTube, Vimeo, screencasts. These are all good if you are bored of reading:

  1. WWDC Videos – https://developer.apple.com/videos/wwdc2016/
  2. #pragma mark – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3DGjQp90Lqr7j44jzrX22A
  3. Swift Language Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCml4lCH0xdl6Jm91RiPPIig
  4. UIKonf – http://www.uikonf.com/videos/
  5. Functional Swift Conference 2016 – http://2016.funswiftconf.com/

That’s all iOS devs, keep reading regularly and following different resources to be always up to date and never let others surprise you!

Swift Development – How to Stay up to Date?

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