iOS 9: Worth the wait?

Each year during the summer, Apple fans and mobile developers wait for a new version of the iOS operating system. This year time it looks like there are few really important changes, which might have a big impact on the whole ecosystem. Below I listed eight of those changes I believe will be most noticeable and will improve user’s lives the most.

  1. Power safe mode – Thanks to software optimization, each iPhone will work about 1 hour longer. Users will be also able to turn on a special safe mode, which should provide additional 3 hours of battery life.
  2. Better pre-installed apps – A new Notes app, which will work more like Evernote, and new app called News, which should replace Flipboard on user phones.
  3. New spotlight – Will now not only search through e-mails, notes, and messages, but also through app content
  4. New iPad multitasking – It looks like the most satisfied group after upgrading to iOS 9 will be iPad users. New, better multitasking is coming, and I’m not just talking about background work; the new system will allow users to use 2 applications simultaneously!
  5. Slide Over – This new feature, also available on iPad, will allow users to take a look at a second app without closing the first one.
  6. Picture in Picture – Users will be able to drag a small window with video and pin it to some place on the screen.
  7. Better Siri – From the time she was first introduced, the Siri assistant has been upgraded every year. This time Apple claims Siri will be 40% more accurate than in iOS 8, and will be able to start playing your favorite music, when it  recognizes that you are running!
  8. New Notification Center – More widgets will come, but Apple is trying to avoid making a mess, so all widgets will be categorized into more- and less-frequently used.