Bluetooth LTE – is it worth being an early adopter?

There are a lot of blog posts in which authors discourage being an early adopter, but I would suggest that it is essential for being a successful solution provider.

Working with new technology is just like exploring an unknown land: you don’t know what to expect, but you know it will be exciting. This post is mostly about a technology that is sure to get some hype in the near future: Bluetooth 4.0 (or Bluetooth Low Energy) is a relatively new standard. Although the technology was introduced in 2010, it didn’t become popular until June 2013, when Apple announced official support for it. In the first 4 months since that announcement, we have noticed several Kickstarter campaigns around new product ideas using Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE). So what’s the point? Let me explain.

Within 24 hours of first learning about BTLE, I am sure you will think of a way it can be used to improve your business, improve your life, and change the world! …well, maybe not. Even now, a few months after the technology was officially advertised by Apple, only a small group of developers and companies have experience with building BTLE-based applications, and Tivix is proudly one of them. Let’s consider, who is able to make better solution: a company that has already been working with the new technology for a few months, or one that will have to learn it during the development process? The answer is obvious, and the conclusion is easy to understand: as a business owner, you cannot wait for others, you have to be always at least one step ahead of currently popular technology, and ahead your competitors — you have to be an early adopter!

To sum up, experimenting with new technologies allows you to be prepared to meet the expectations of your clients before they will appear.

Bluetooth LTE – is it worth being an early adopter?

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