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Complex Thing

Software Model That Matters

Software Model That MattersA couple years ago I came across a book called Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. I started reading it ...

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Virtual Reality Screesnhot

Exploring Virtual Reality

With all the recent hype over virtual reality, I decided to look into developing for VR. I was inspired by apps like Tilt Brush ...

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Four Cats

IoT and Docker

IoT, or Internet of Things for the faint-hearted, is becoming a trendy topic amongst developers like myself. As for Docker, the hype is still ...

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Computer user

Chronic vs. Acute Pain Points

Assessing Pain PointsThe product manager’s quest to build what users need is centered on understanding their pain points. These pain points are ...

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Digital Innovation

What Is Digital Innovation?

Digital has fundamentally changed the world as we know it. Countless observations of the shift to digital are seen in our day-to-day lives. Both ...

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