Nov 06 2017

Enterprise Software Trends to Watch in 2018

Simply put, enterprise software is software developed for organizations, rather than individuals. In the early days of computers all software was for enterprises, as only very large organizations owned computers.

Sep 20 2017

Redesigning Reddit

Reddit launched in 2005 and has remained largely unchanged in design since. While there’s a nostalgic charm to its appearance, most will admit that the user experience is far from intuitive, with a jumbled UI that can take some getting used to.

Sep 12 2017

Predictive Maintenance Software

The guy who invented the wheel probably learned very early that protecting his wheel from damage was much smarter than having to make a new one every time it broke. Since then machines have gotten increasingly more complicated, and the cost of failure has become increasingly higher.

Aug 30 2017

The Innovation Process: How are leading brands balancing execution with innovation?

I recently conducted interviews with nearly 100 corporate executives around the world, asking them how they see innovation process within their organizations. Many of the executives I spoke with talked candidly about how difficult it is to adopt the processes of modern innovation methodology (agile, fail fast, rapid iterations, etc) within large incumbent organizations.

Aug 30 2017

Mobile strategy is out. End points are in.

Four years ago, every client meeting I was in was all about "mobile strategy". Companies were rushing to get a mobile app out and into the app store, and every teenager was building and launching mobile apps in his bedroom, with billionaire aspirations.

Aug 07 2017

Learning, Technology, and Design - bringing the three together to improve education of all kinds.

Part of my job at Tivix is to stay on top of the latest applications of technology in different sectors. On Friday morning I had the opportunity to be a reviewer of the final Master's projects last Friday in the  Learning, Technology, and Design (LTD) program at Stanford University .

Aug 03 2017

Put some Turk in your MVP.

The standard approach for launching a new digital product today is to get a  Minimum Viable Product  (MVP) out into the marketplace and then refine it using rapid iterations informed by usage from actual customers. That’s an easy concept to embrace, and seems pretty intuitive.

Jul 28 2017

Pssst - Want to know the secret to success? Reading.

I've written in  previous posts  about what kind of people we're looking for in our hiring process at Tivix. If you distill it all the way down, "lifelong learner" is probably what we care most about.

Jul 28 2017

Tivix Named a Top NYC Mobile App Development Company by Clutch

At Tivix, we specialize in building innovative mobile solutions for our clients around the globe. Our technically experienced and passionate team works hard to deliver incredible products that help solve our clients’ many complex needs.

Jul 18 2017

Android O - mobile OS that is better and better

Android O (due out this fall) will have version number 8.0.0 (source) but will it have so much changes that it requires changing the version number?

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