design thinking workshops

Design Thinking Workshops

Design thinking is changing the way that successful products are built. At Tivix we start off each client engagement with a design thinking workshop to reduce risk, and help build solutions that better meet real customer needs. We’ve developed a unique approach that includes aspects of the Google Ventures Design Sprint and Stanford’s methodology.

Our Process


We start by fully immersing our team with the client team. We want to gain deep understanding of the business case, the sector landscape, and the desired benefits of all the persona who will touch the application.


Brainstorming and experimenting with ideas is where groups can come up with breakthroughs. It's important to separate brainstorming from deciding, so no ideas should be shot down during this phase.


Now it's time to make some decisions. Which features appear to be worth putting in front of users? Which features should be deferred to a future release?


A lot can be learned from quick low-fidelity prototypes. So this is the point where we create one, which becomes a straw man that can be tested.


What matters isn't what we think of the features we've prototyped. What matters is what users think. So as a final step to the workshop we get input from internal stakeholders and external users.

Why Design Thinking?

Put simply, design thinking allows us to build better software products. Our workshops tease out unexpected solutions to existing problems, allowing us to bring innovative ideas to the surface. By using empathy and encouraging collaboration and co-creation, new opportunities can emerge. It’s an approach to problem solving that puts real humans first, and it generates out-of-the-box ideas that our clients love.

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