Announcing One Kellton

Announcing One Kellton

At Tivix, we believe customer experience is the cornerstone of business success. When customers are prioritized, organizations grow twice as fast. In everything we do, we focus on customer delight and help our clients build a competitive advantage using technology. This time is no different.

Kellton Tech, the parent company of Tivix, has introduced the ‘One Kellton’ initiative, which aims to integrate global operations and allow our clients to access a diversified portfolio of digital and enterprise offerings. The impact of this project will enable Tivix to provide deeper and more comprehensive technology offerings to our clients.

Technology Leadership

As a part of a more unified operating culture under OneKellton, Tivix will embrace Kellton Tech’s extensive network of digital and enterprise innovation hubs, along with its deep bench of experienced leaders, to create strategic, value-focused solutions for our clients. This initiative strengthens existing capabilities while adding new offerings, enabling clients to take on bigger challenges and unlock greater growth.

Geographical Footprint

Tivix operates at the heart of our client’s businesses that span a range of industries in the US and Europe. As Tivix integrates deeply with Kellton Tech, we increase our ability to identify and scale new business opportunities across the globe. We will design and deliver digital products for clients both small and large, in high-growth markets worldwide, strengthening our stance as a top-tier global innovation firm.


Tivix will leverage Kellton Tech’s extensive delivery network and business strengths, giving us greater technology, service, and sector expertise. The ​​entire Tivix team remains in place and no personnel changes are planned for current engagements.

Clients can now access a deeper bench and a greater portfolio of technologies. Through a combined strength of design, product, and technology operations across multiple business units and delivery centers, we will better be able to deliver end-to-end software solutions and serve as a full-service technology partner.


Energized by a new culture—rooted in support, cooperation, and innovation—our team will work collaboratively across global teams to drive tangible business outcomes. Tivix will be part of a culture where cutting-edge tools and technologies are accessible to all; where a collective of diverse people will socialize, innovate, learn, and create; and where careers will thrive.

One Kellton positions Kellton Tech’s global operating forces towards one shared vision. With One Kellton, Tivix is backed by hybrid operations and set to transform the way we deliver CX, scale innovation, engineer products, and work together.

We are excited at the prospect of being part of One Kellton, you can learn more about the initiative in this press release.

Announcing One Kellton

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