Chin Up: Motivation Tracker

I'm a software engineer. And my hobby is fitness. So I wrote a Django application that I use as my personal motivation tracker. 

It's called Chin up (as in "Keep your chin up!") and I use it every day to rate certain metrics from 1 to 10, like: strength, flexibility, relationships and happiness.

There are a few variations of metrics:

• Daily – Measured every day 1 through 10

• Binary Daily – Measured every day, 0 or 1, like "Took vitamins?"

• Monthly – Measured every month, 1 through 10

To become the best I can be: I need motivation, I need to get my chin up.

Some days it feels like I can do anything, but in the same week I might feel completely worthless. It's strange being 25 and having your whole life ahead of you. So crippling to want to pursue Jiu Jitsu, Fishing, Programming, Gaming, Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting, Traveling, Foodcations, starting a family, etc., etc.

Sometimes it feels like even if I got a world record powerlifiting, made my own million dollar idea come to fruition or wrote some amazing novel programming library: I'd still feel unfulfilled. That's why I need to start worrying about these metrics!

I wrote this app with Python + Django and deployed it to a free Heroku instance. Originally I was just going to run this locally, but I found myself constantly trying to update metrics or view them from my phone. Deploying to Heroku was no problem though, it's a pretty simple app.

Log in

I created a simple app django-pin-passcode that helps make it easier to login from my phone. I just enter in my pin code and am magically transported to the dashboard, no annoying android keyboard to fiddle with.


There are a few variations of metrics:

• Month to month – Average for the entire month

• Week to week – Average for the entire week

• Day of the week – Average for that day of the week for the last year

• 7 Day – Last 7 days

• 30 Day – Last 30 days


Thanks to numpy I quickly added correlations between metrics, it's pretty ugly but it will tell you what metrics might positively/negatively correlate to each other.

For example, after only ~4-5 moths of using this daily, there is an almost direct correlation between my Happiness Score and my Relationship Score… who-da-thunk-it.

"Happy wife happy life" as they say, but this time it's the data saying it!

Run your own

If you want to run your own Chin up to track personal metrics I recommend using Heroku. It's meant for developers to tweak and play with, so be prepared to work a little to get it to fit your personality.

You can get a little crazy and check out the source code here.