Kaitlin Walsh

Director of Client Services

Kaitlin brings a wealth of interdisciplinary experience to the Tivix team. She’s as comfortable hacking JavaScript code as she is developing UI design concepts, and she especially loves managing complex projects to meet clients’ expectations. Her Master’s Degree in Biomedical Visualization from University of Illinois at Chicago gives her unique expertise in communicating complex processes in a way that makes them seem simple, sleek, and understandable to users.

Prior to Tivix she was Webmaster and Web Designer for the University of Illinois, where she managed hundreds of websites, all integrated into a master CMS. She was also responsible for developing a new mobile site, and she conducted usability testing which informed user experience design and information architecture for the entire university. Kaitlin also developed an Android app that Nurse Practitioners use in a clinical setting to diagnose dementia, giving her real insights into the UI/UX challenges in designing an app which delivers extreme simplicity in a clinical setting while still providing complex information and back-end access to researchers. More recently, she developed MuscleConnect, an iOS app to assist anatomy students learning the muscles of the human body.

In addition to her graduate school work, Kaitlin holds a bachelor's degree in Advertising with a minor in Biological Sciences from Marquette University.

At Tivix she deftly manages projects for many of our important clients, and amuses us by ordering her pizza with jalapeño peppers and then removing the jalapeño peppers.

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