Witold Skibniewski

Witold Skibniewski

Software Engineer

Witold graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science from Wrocław University of Technology. He started his career developing online games then moved on to developing cross-platform mobile games for iOS and Android.

Witold liked Apple devices and development tools so much that he decided to make a full switch to developing native iOS apps. The Swift programming language announcement at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) last year was like an early Christmas present to him.

Witold is always looking for ways to improve his coding skills. After learning Erlang and Objective-C, he is up for any challenge. Witold recently started sharing his newfound knowledge about Swift on his blog Adventures in Swift.

Outside of work, Witold enjoys walking around Wrocław's beautiful parks and watching great movies, be it The Passion of Joan of Arc or Hard Boiled.