Grzegorz Duda

Software Engineer

Grzegorz is an experienced iOS, Swift and Objective-C enthusiast with professional knowledge in all iOS layers. He is passionate not only about programming and operating systems, but also about more abstract concepts like design patterns or good, clean architecture. 

Grzegorz considers software development to be a craftsmanship, an engineering discipline, not an art. Whenever it is possible, tries to push towards best practices that can assure good product quality.

He thinks that being good software developer is not only about writing quality code, but it is also about looking at things from different perspectives, taking off programmer's suit and trying on different ones, depending on the situation and needs. This attitude allowed him over the past years to contribute to projects also as a requirements engineer, architect, designer, UI / UX expert, Scrum Master, coach, mentor or a technical lead, always being core software developer at heart.

Recently he's been studying in depth topics related to functional programming which, he thinks, may play important role in the industry in the next couple of years, like OOP did in the past couple decades. 

Grzegorz spends his free time playing squash, skiing or running.