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Eric Todd

Software Engineer

Eric first starting showing interest in the intersection of aesthetics and science in high school, where he was the only student to make the walk from the chemistry lab to the ceramics studio.

Eric went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Cal State Fullerton with a BFA in graphic design, where his studies included physics and calculus. He was selected by portfolio to attend Yale University’s design program in Switzerland, where he had the privilege of studying under Paul Rand, Armin Hoffman, Wolfgang Weingart and other design greats.

Eric began his design career in the Silicon Valley with projects for Apple, HP, AutoCAD, Claris and other then emerging tech companies. As design work became increasingly technology-based, he developed a love for development, becoming a software engineer for a web app startup. Career to date, Eric has been a designer, developer, project manager, and client manager, though his clear passion is for development where both his creative and analytic thinking are exercised.

A former champion cyclist, Eric spends as much time as possible on his bike in the hills of the Bay Area, finding inspiration in the beauty of the scenery and the physical effort of the climbs. And hoping that something comes to him on his bike the way something came to Einstein on his.