Bill Conneely

Senior Director of Finance and Operations

Bill Conneely's career focus has been working in general management roles with founding teams, concentrating on building capacity in finance, operations, strategy and business development.

Bill gained broad management, process and analytical experience during a decade-long career at The New York Times in strategic planning and operations.

He earned an MBA from Columbia University, complementing his stint as a Coro Fellow in New York, and a BA from Grinnell College.  Yet it was his early work in mediation at the non-profit Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center that has had the deepest influence on his management philosophy and approach.

During the past ten years he has filled a variety of roles at Stamen Design and Mediabistro, as well as consulted and advised a number of successful startups. 

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, Bill is an avid outdoor enthusiast, active sailor, wood boat devotee, and father of two.