Who we are

Founded in 2008, Tivix has deep expertise in building innovative solutions for our clients. We've developed new digital applications for clients in the financial services and real estate sectors; we've helped billion-dollar companies to build new software for internal efficiency; we've created new platforms for leading NGOs such as the World Food Program, European Union, and UNICEF.

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Innovation Culture

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, and immersed in innovation methodology. What gets us up in the morning is that we love working with clients around the world to build innovative new digital solutions that solve real problems. We like to say that we create software that matters.

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Engineering Mindset

We're an engineering-heavy team (with just the right dash of designers and product experts mixed in). We bring an engineering mindset to every client engagement, in order to build rock-solid, scalable applications using agile methodology focused on test-driven development, short development cycles and continuous integration. View full Tivix team

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Passion for Getting it Right

As a team, we believe in the power of digital technology to create better solutions in all sectors - commercial and social. We believe in learning and improving ourselves every day, and then sharing our knowledge through blogging, speaking, and contributing to open source projects. We believe in the principle of social and economic justice. We believe that being on the Tivix team means something – it means a commitment to doing things right.