The Center for Digital Innovation at a $4.8B Company

In developing innovative consumer applications for our global businesses, we have found the Silicon Valley expertise of the Tivix team to be incredibly valuable.

Scott Lyle, Director, Business Innovation, Pfizer Corporation


Spun out of Pfizer in 2014, Zoetis today is the world's largest animal health company, with annual revenue of $4.8 billion and operations in 120 countries. The global giant is a cutting-edge manufacturer of medicines, vaccines, genetic tests and diagnostic products for animals. Additionally the firm supports these products with a wide range of complementary services. Boasting 28 manufacturing sites in 11 countries, Zoetis invests heavily in innovative technologies and R&D in order to advance animal health.

Tivix Engagement

Zoetis has engaged with Tivix to help to expand their Center for Digital Innovation in London, bringing Silicon Valley methodology to create next-generation digital products. As part of this engagement Tivix has worked closely with the Zoetis team to develope a suite of mobile applications for equine and swine health including StableMate, HorseDialog and SwineDialog.

Technologies Used

Django/Python, iOS and Android native, PostgreSQL, Ansible, AngularJS