Texas A&M University

Food 3.0

Working with Tivix was a great experience. We required a complicated website with a quick turnaround time and they delivered. We really appreciated their excellent and efficient work on our website, especially with all of our last-minute requests.

The purpose of the Food 3.0 site is to bring awareness to the global challenge of feeding an eventual population of 9 billion. The site was built in correlation with a high-profile research booth at the 2013 Global Food Summit, hosted in Berlin. Visitors to the booth were able to access the site on their mobile devices via a QR code.

Through a timeline format, the site depicts the history of food from a hunter-gatherer population, through the agricultural revolution, to present day and beyond. It showcases the concept that without change, we are headed for a global food crisis.

The challenge of this application was in generating a clear admin user interface for uploading timeline content, and connecting that content to a complex javascript timeline plug-in. Included with this was a sophisticated date entry validation system. Additionally, the site needed to be sleek and easy-to-use across all devices, desktop and mobile. The project was completed within a tight turnaround in time for the Global Food Summit and was very well received.