Private cloud storage interface

Tivix are technically strong and easy to work with. They enabled the fast development of a new class of biotech instrument with a built-in web server, working hard to keep the project on schedule with minimum oversight. Tivix were responsive to our needs, and together we created a great product with a sustainable code base.

SwiftStack is a product for engineers, by engineers. Their private cloud storage platform can scale to millions of users, providing private data centers with capabilities usually reserved for tech giants.

As a leading-edge tech company, SwiftStack faced a common concern: Separating out their core product from their marketing website. Our final application provides a payments dashboard and login system for SwiftStack users, custom apps for managing team members and other dynamic content, a simple-yet-powerful Markdown-enabled content management system, and several pages tailored to their brand guidelines. The platform was built using Django/Python.

Since initially engaging with Tivix, SwiftStack has raised an additional $16 million in venture capital, bringing them to a total of $23 million raised.

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