The Opportunity

Pertinent information needs to be exchanged between the several parties (coaches/athletes/parents) involved within a sports team on a constant basis. In addition, the current training delivery methods are outdated and have yet to make use of current available technology.

The Solution

A coupled communication and learning platform built for sports teams. The platform was made accessible wherever the user might be, by building a set of APIs, and accompanying web and mobile applications.

The Results

SportUP has continued to receive funding and impress investors by their platform. Early beta testers have been thrilled about the utility provided.

Built Together

SportUP approached Tivix with their overall vision for disrupting sports team management, but were in need of a technical partner to help plan and execute. We kicked-off the engagement with several long days of whiteboarding and wireframing. Through these sessions, we defined a set of requirements for the product, and turned them into actionable items with agreed upon milestones.

One of the important requirements we decided on was SportUP needed to be platform agnostic. Users are just too segmented in terms of their device use these days to target any one individual one. This meant developing a set of APIs, thus making SportUP available to any device platform an app was built for. We determined web and iOS were our initial targets.

Getting to Work

With all features in our favorite task management tool, Pivotal Tracker, and repositories set up on GitHub, it was time to get to work. We started building the backend APIs leveraging our favorite framework, Django. Django provides a lot out of the box and has a great set of libraries, allowing us to build and iterate quickly. After we felt the API had enough basic functionality, we started building our client applications. For the web, we used the Angular.js framework to handle much of the frontend work and made heavy use of CSS3 to give the user cutting-edge feel. For mobile, we went with a native iOS application using Objective-C.

Staying on the Same Page

In order to deliver on the vision for SportUP, we needed to be make sure we were on the same page throughout the development process. This meant constant communication and iteration. We achieved this by pushing code and sending out builds, daily. This allowed for instant feedback on implementations and avoided any potential misunderstandings.